Network design is the preparation of your home for future WiFi and smart home usage. A proper design can make sure everything you plan on doing to automate your home is ready to go and will ensure you won’t have to go tearing into your walls in the future. Building a new home calls for structured wiring. We can make sure you have a place for your router, as well as take all cables up the walls, across the attic, and into separate rooms of the house or business in the most effective way possible. We can also connect Wireless Access Points (WAP) and make sure all devices going into that room in the future have a strong wired connection to your internet.

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Sample Home Network Design

When you envision building a home, traditionally you aren’t worrying about how to get internet to other rooms. The WiFi will just reach there, right? While you may be correct in some cases, you need to know that WiFi is always stronger near the source. Designing a home network is important because you can plan on where you are going to be placing a lot of your devices, and then how to connect them to a strong internet connection. Planning out where Wireless Access Points (WAP) or Power Over Ethernet (POE) will be an important step in ensuring your devices get the connection they need.

Router Cabinet

After designing a smart home network, you’ll want to make sure you place the router in a place that is easy to access but will hide the many wires running to your house. If you’re building a new home, you can easily make sure it runs cable for ethernet to each room according to your network design. All the wires will go into a switch, which then runs into your router and distributes your internet connection to whatever plugs into the cables control. Depending on the size of your house you’ll benefit from WAPs or POE for those devices that only support wireless connections like light bulbs and switches. Let Tech Savvy help you with a network design in southern Utah.

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Ethernet Up the Walls and Through the Ceiling

Again, the ideal situation is that you bring Tech Savvy into your new build as soon as electrical is going in so that we can run ethernet from room to room and get it network ready. It is possible to make a home network in your existing home, but requires punching holes in your walls, getting in the attic, and a whole lot more time commitment. If you’re building and wanting to take advantage of a strong internet connection in every room and every device, call us for structured wiring in southern Utah.

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